The Leadership Style in Education

photo for leadership styles in educationAll teachers have their own leadership style in education that is effective in their classrooms. Leadership is a necessary quality to exhibit within the classroom. A common fallacy among teachers is that leadership is a management quality that is innate in from birth.

Leadership can be taught. Surprisingly enough it is not a quality that one is necessarily born with. Rather a person can develop leadership traits and styles throughout their life or career in education. While some are born with this quality it is important to remember that it can be attained through hard work and education.

Leadership Styles in Education are different

Leadership styles in education tend to differ from those in other business related industries. A widely debated subject is the transition of business management leadership styles into the classroom or school. While many feel that these styles to not transition well others disagree.

Style is the most important aspect in education. Whether it is the style one teaches, manages a class or leads; it is easily said that style is important. Regardless, it is important to determine a style and stick to it.

The High Performance Theory

A great leadership style in education is ‘The High Performance Theory’ utilized and developed by Thomas Sergiovanni. This educational leadership theorist teaches, within this theory, that allowing students to determine the outcome of their performance inhabits superior work and desire to learn.

The leadership style in education according to the theory

Within this theory it is all about choice. The choice to complete something or not; whatever the case the choice is essential. When considering a leadership style for an educational setting consider the style that ‘The High Performance Theory’ inhabits. This is a successful style that will attain results in any setting.

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